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Theodores: A City Landmark

When I first moved to D.C. from San Diego I was shocked at the lack of contemporary design shopping available. Touring the city for the first weeks I expected to find a multitude of stores catering to the newly  renovated Brownstones or the hovering Potomac River flats with vast views of the amazing architecture in this city. Not only did I find many of the home furniture and accessory shops I had Googled were no longer in existence, but the majority of what had survived this economy crash were modified row homes displaying only about 1,000 square feet of product. As discouraging as this is for me I can only imagine how frustrating it is for someone looking for larger pieces of furniture such as a sofa that you have to sit in before buying. My worries of stumbling upon the only major city without a contemporary influence were put to rest when I walked into Theodores.

With 10,000 square feet of showroom space I was in furniture heaven. Not only could I try over 20 different sofa styles, but also grab the odds and ends that have been missing since my husband and I realized our combined wealth of furniture was not going to fill our new home. After shopping for an extended period I was curious to know how a store like this, with such customizable options, was able to beat the economy drag. The designer I was working with explained that the store, opened in 1969, has been family owned and operated for over 40 years and it is their only location. Now I understood. There is something to be said about a business that has lasted as long as it has, offering quality products without succumbing to the boring, generic franchises that offer limited inspiration and cardboard boxes to sit on.

I was hooked! I wanted to be a part of this business and considering I had just moved to the area I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask if there were any designer positions available. Now it’s not my usual luck, but two years later I’m happy to say I’m part of the Theodores family and working for a historic business in Washington, D.C.

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